Something to keep you going whilst you try to choose from our selection of small plates

Order as many dishes as you like, all at once or a couple at a time.

The dishes will usually be served as soon as they are ready, not necessarily all at once. As a guide, we recommend five - six small plates between two adults. Feel free to order more at any time.


  • MARINATED OLIVES - Green & Black Olives Marinated in Garlic & Herbs
  • PORK SCRATCHINGS - Warm Pork Scratchings with Garlic & Chilli 
  • HONEY & RED WINE CHORIZO - Seared Chorizo in a Honey & Red Wine Sauce 
  • CRISPY HALLOUMI - Fried Halloumi with Honey & Herbs
  • OLIVE OIL HOUMOUS - Houmous, Crispy Chickpeas & Flatbread 
  • JUANITA PEPPERS - Sweet Peppers Stuffed with Herbs & Feta 
  • CURED IBERICO PORK - Cured Iberico Pork Salchichon with Olive Oil & Black Pepper 
  • PAPRIKA CALAMARI - Crispy Calamari in a Paprika Coating & Garlic Aioli 
  • CROQUETAS - Serrano Ham & Manchego Cheese Croquetas with Smokey Romesco Sauce 
  • BAKED MOZZARELLA - Baked Buffalo Mozzarella & Marinara Sauce with Flatbread 

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